Our Adult classes range from:


GB1 – Fundamentals Programme

GB2 – Advanced Programme

GB3 – Blackbelt Programme


Each of these classes has different requirements


GB1: Open to all levels and the best place to start your Gracie Barra Journey!

GB2: Where we go to progress you in the Jiu Jitsu Journey. Once you have earned 3 stripes on your white belt, you can join the GB2 programme

GB3: Once you have earned the coveted Blue belt! the black belt programme becomes available to you and it is where you spend the rest of your development time!

As you progress through your training here at Gracie Barra South Lakes, more options become available.

Along with all our classes on offer, you can always book private training sessions with our coaches. these sessions can be solely focused on what you want to learn and where you want to progress. it gives you the undivided attention of your instructor and this is the easiest way for you to learn things specifically catered to your needs.